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65K ATH, Walmart Sells Bitcoin, ETFs Buy Billions, Jack Predicts Hyperinflation, BTC to 100K

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Issue #4 right after a new all-time high. If it hits another ATH then this cycle will officially be called the Triceratops. Bitcoin ETFs had record growth with billions in days, smashing the record set by gold. Walmart is setting up Bitcoin ATMs. People are predicting a 100K+ Bitcoin for Christmas. As Bitcoin goes up, so will inflation.
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The Bitcoin ETF had an explosive start
Michael Saylor⚡️
There are approximately 218,000 financial advisers in the United States managing assets in excess of $110 trillion, and as of this week they can allocate client assets to #Bitcoin via ETFs which integrate with their business model & information systems.
Frank Chaparro
CME bitcoin futures open interest just ripped through $5 billion
You Can Now Buy Bitcoin at Walmart
SCOOP: @walmart is letting shoppers buy #bitcoin at dozens of its U.S. locations via @coinstar kiosks.

We checked. In person. At a store. It works.

@IanAllison123 reports
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
Walmart plans to install 8,000 #Bitcoin ATMs in the U.S
200 is just the tip 😉🚀
More Billionaires Wishing they had More Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine
Billionaire Russian oligarch: #Bitcoin is a reality. “Either we will accept it, or we will lose.”
Ryan Selkis
Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Jack Dorsey, Paul Tudor Jones, Cathie Wood, Bill Miller, Dan Loeb, and Abigail Johnston are all long Bitcoin, but it’s still “risky” to you.
Carl ₿ MENGER ⚡️
Don’t be the person with a 100k car and zero #Bitcoin.

Be the person holding 95k worth of #Bitcoin and a 5k car.

Don’t try to impress people, that give a shit about you. Try to impress yourself.
Bitcoin Reaches a New All-Time-High of 66K
Jurrien Timmer
Bitcoin made a new all-time high of $66,000 on Wednesday. The chart below shows that both my supply and demand models continue to point to higher prices. (THREAD)
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
#Bitcoin supply on exchanges at lowest level since September 2018.

Nobody wants to sell, even at ATH prices! ✋💎🤚
Will Clemente
Bitcoin just closed it's highest weekly candle ever
Bitcoin 100K+ Predictions
Laura Shin
On Unchained, stock-to-flow creator @100trillionUSD discusses:

*why he thinks BTC's price floor for Dec. is $135,000
*whether he thinks we're in a “supercycle,” in which there won’t be a massive drawdown before the next halving
*why the S2F model works
Lark Davis
All this time the biggest risk associated with #bitcoin has been not owning any!
Bitcoin Fees
Joe Pompliano
Someone moved $1 billion of Bitcoin last week and paid a $1.75 transaction fee.

Yet some people will still say it’s worthless as they wait for their bank to open on Monday just so they can pay $30 to transfer $5,000 that won’t get there for a day or two.

Disruption is coming.
Hyperinflation is coming...
Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.
Michael Saylor⚡️
@jack Inflation is the problem. #Bitcoin is the solution.
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey says 'hyperinflation' will happen soon in the U.S. and the world
Jeff Booth
When the entire financial industry and everything built on top of it (homes, stocks, etc) thinks that there is a one way bet b/c the Fed will bail them out (for fear of greater damage to the economy) you are closer to the end than the beginning.

Get your lifeboat.

Edward Snowden says ditch Ugly Cryptos for Bitcoin
Edward Snowden
VC guys keep trying to make cryptocurrency a global standard by spending billions to invent less-attractive versions of Bitcoin, instead of just buying payment-system companies to make the most common cash registers and apps support crypto payments by default.

Pro-gamer move.
Michael Saylor⚡️
@Snowden One of the most compelling technology strategies right now is to build support for #Bitcoin via #Lightning⚡️ into every website & mobile app that handles money, benefits from trust, or requires security assurances.
Education is the Secret Key
Give me Memes or Give me Death!
Bitcoin at $60k last week Bitcoin at $60k now
Benjamin Cowen
If #Bitcoin does end up having a triple peak, would we call this market cycle:

"The Triceratops"
We Dun
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