Bitcoin CRAAASH, ECB President Scared, El Salvador buys the dip and fuels concerns from the bank of England



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Issue #9 Bitcoin Price falls, traders run in fear, HODLers buy the dip, central bankers concerned about losing to Bitcoin. Inflation giving bitcoin unexpected all time highs.

Bitcoin Falls to Prices not Seen Since Mid-Uptober
John Carvalho
If Bitcoin falls to $50k, will you be okay?

If Bitcoin falls to $35k, will you be okay?

Are you okay right now?

Stay okay. Don't trade.
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 21. Extreme Fear
Current price: $54,839
Benjamin Cowen
The price of #Bitcoin 1 year ago was $17k.

Do not miss the forest for the trees.
Jason Lowery
Exactly 1 year ago today, someone made this graph to remind us that ~20% dips from ATH are to be expected, and to encourage each other to buy the dip.

History echoes.
Adam Back
#bitcoin holders are forged in the fires of volatility.
Bitcoin Hitting All Time Highs in These Countries
Michael Saylor⚡️
Everyone has double-digit inflation if they measure it correctly and needs #Bitcoin more than they realize.
European Central Bank President Seems Fearful of the Inevitable
Marty Bent
The criminal fiat central bankers are still trying to decree what is and isn’t a currency. They don’t realize they have no power over bitcoin or its users. Millions of people around the world are using bitcoin as a currency every day.
She’s afraid.

Also - She’s lying.

#Bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador - and soon more than a dozen countries will follow.
The Bank of England is “Concerned”
Bitcoin Magazine
Bank of England is “concerned” over #Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador.

They’re scared.
Nayib Bukele 🇸🇻
Bank of England is “worried” about El Salvador’s adoption of #Bitcoin?


I guess Bank of England’s interest in the well-being of our people is genuine.


I mean, they have always cared about our people. Always.

Gotta love Bank of England 😍
El Salvador Doing What El Salvador Does Best
Nayib Bukele 🇸🇻
El Salvador just bought the dip.

100 extra coins acquired with a discount 🥳

#Bitcoin 🇸🇻
Joe Pompliano
El Salvador has:

• Made Bitcoin legal tender
• Acquired roughly $75M of Bitcoin
• Is using volcanic energy to mine Bitcoin
• Building a city with no income or capital gains tax called "Bitcoin City"

You may disagree with the approach, but you have to respect the conviction.
Taproot Education Thread and More...
Jimmy Song (송재준)
Taproot gives us more tools against practical security threats and #Bitcoin news from the past week.

A thread. 1/8
Bitcoin Collaterallized Mortgages in the Works
This is gentleman.

I have what I believe to be the first Bitcoin/House backed mortgage product in my hands to review 😱

Too exciting to not say it out loud, these guys are working the butts off to make this stuff happen.

The company and terms still secret…
Pharrell Happy about his Bitcoin Song
Pharrell Williams
I know this is a crazy question but back in 2011 I did a song with @diplo called Bitcoin, can somebody find Satoshi Nakamoto, I’m trying to play it for him
Wise Words from your Local Bitcoiners
Raphael Schön
Proof-of-Work is the most important part of #Bitcoin, not a flaw.
Vijay Boyapati
In the movie Enemy of the State, the protagonist has his life ruined as his credit cards are blocked, his bank account is seized and his means of living taken away.

#Bitcoin saves us from such a dystopian possibility.

(highly underrated movie, go watch it)
Alex Gladstein 🌋 ⚡
Bitcoin users: be prepared to be labeled “fascist” for choosing to opt into an inherently anti-fascist and open currency by the mainstream economic orthodoxy which ironically views increasingly centralized control and surveillance as the only way forward for the monetary system.
Jake Chervinsky
Bitcoin mining could be the best thing to happen to renewables in years: it makes them economically viable in places they'd otherwise never get built.

People who care about transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables should be the biggest supporters of Bitcoin out of everyone.
HODL like you MEME it
We're Not Finnish, We're Done
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