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BTC🚀 past $1 Trillion, Politicians and Institutions Buying into Bitcoin, El Salvador is Green

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We are out with issue #2, it’s been a wild week, bitcoin is mooning and politicians are swooning. Scroll down for your weekly reminder to HODL and DCA.

El Salvador is Green and Growing!
Bitcoin Magazine
El Salvador is in the green on its latest #Bitcoin purchase. 💚

The country's 700 BTC are now worth over $33,000,000.
Bitcoin Magazine
Everyone in El Salvador who held their Chivo #Bitcoin bonus is now up 10% 🇸🇻
Nayib Bukele 🇸🇻
At least 10%.

Depends on when they installed.

For some, it has gone up 20%.

Good lesson in the #Bitcoin starter pack.
Nayib Bukele 🇸🇻
Actually, for people that onboarded @chivowallet on September 21, the value of their #Bitcoin has gone up 35% in just 15 days.

Millions experiencing DEFLATION in real time.
Nayib Bukele 🇸🇻
Since yesterday, Salvadorans are inserting more cash (to buy #bitcoin) than what they are withdrawing from the @chivowallet ATMs.

And if we add remittances (almost $2 million per day), the incoming USD QUADRUPLES the outflow.

This is very surprising so early in the game.
Bitcoin UP📈 Facebook DOWN📉
Bitcoin Magazine
#Bitcoin just surpassed Facebook in market cap.

They are down today, literally.
Pomp 🌪
Facebook is down.

Bitcoin is never down.
Remember when #InternetShutDown and corporate, government and bank networks are down .. #bitcoin is the only money network that can be used to keep our economies afloat, the last money standing!
Imagine if Twitter breaks and #Bitcoin pumps straight to $100k and no one can even post about it.
Twitter is the only thing that hasn’t gone down today because they started accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin fixes everything
Brazil is Getting Ready for Bitcoin
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
Brazil is introducing a bill to make #Bitcoin legal tender.
It is the 9th largest economy in the world! 🙌
Bigly! 😎
Mr.Hodl 🌕🍿

Every government in the world will eventually bend the knee. #Bitcoin
Politicians are Starting to Like Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine
JUST IN — US Senator Cynthia Lummis discloses $50,001 to $100,000 #Bitcoin purchase: CNBC 🇺🇸
Breaking: Senator Lummis buys #Bitcoin $BTC up to $100,000 - in largest cryptocurrency purchase by a sitting lawmaker to date.
Bitcoin Magazine
Andrew Yang's new political party to support #Bitcoin: I'm a “big proponent."
Pomp 🌪
BREAKING: SEC Chairman Gary Gensler says the SEC has no plans to ban bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Breaks $55k and $1 Trillion Market Cap yet again
Midweek update: #Bitcoin officially reclaims $1 trillion market cap
Pomp 🌪
Bitcoin is closer to $100,000 than it is to $0.
Inside Bitcoin
Who bought above 55K rode it all the way down to 29K and is still HODLing?


Major Institutions are Bullish and are Buying Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine
Gold is a horse, #Bitcoin is a Ferrari. - Billionaire Bill Miller at Forbes Summit
Bitcoin Magazine
NEW: Public companies now hold over 200,000 #Bitcoin on their balance sheets 🙌
Bitcoin Magazine
"#Bitcoin has crossed the chasm to mainstream." - George Soros' $6 billion Fund CEO
Michael Saylor⚡️
The implicit endorsement of Bitcoin by major banks and regulators is going to accelerate the collapse of #Gold and the rise of #Bitcoin as the preferred safe-haven store of value for both institutional and retail investors.
Michael Saylor⚡️
#Bitcoin is breaking out from other cryptos due to regulatory expectations, making it the clear choice for institutional investors seeking digital property as a store of value.
Cool Bitcoin Story Bro...
Don't Buy Bitcoin, it's Too Volatile
Cory Swan
#Bitcoin is way too volatile.

+9% in the last day

+28% in the last week

+58% in three months

+412% in the last year

+588% in two years

+8764% in five years
Le Memes
Dan Held
One of the best Bitcoin memes of all time.
The End.
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