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CashApp Gets Lightning, Rio & Joe Rogan HODLs Bitcoin, Intel builds Miners - Issue #13

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Issue #13 is hot and ready with a lot happening in the Bitcoin Space last week.
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Bitcoin in the News
Bitcoin Magazine
BREAKING: Pro-#Bitcoin U.S. Congressman presents a bill prohibiting the FED from issuing a CBDC 🙌
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
💥BREAKING: The City of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will allocate 1% of the city's reserves to #Bitcoin 😎
Bitcoin Magazine
JUST IN – Rio De Janeiro mayor announces 10% discount on taxes paid in #Bitcoin 🇧🇷
NEW: $224 billion tech firm Intel to soon unveil a #Bitcoin mining ASIC
Bitcoin Magazine
#Bitcoin will set new all-time high this year – Swiss bank CEO on CNBC 🙌
Bitcoin Magazine
BREAKING💥Arkansas council offering $10,000 in #Bitcoin to tech workers who relocate to the state💥
Turks Pile Into Bitcoin and Tether to Escape Plunging Lira
Michael Saylor⚡️
#Bitcoin represents a life raft to those drowning in the currency flood.
Dennis Porter
Pakistan banned #Bitcoin today which means they are going to un-ban it sometime later this year after they realize bitcoin can’t be stopped.
Iran to allow #Bitcoin payments for international trade. Iran making baby steps to making BTC an international reserve currency! Slowly moving towards a #PetroBitcoin? DigitalEnergy^2? LFG @FossGregfoss
Bitcoin Magazine
NEW - 68% of private Swiss banks are interested in offering #bitcoin services within 3 years 🇨🇭 🙌
Bitcoin Magazine
BREAKING 💥 Another solo miner (who had only been mining 2 days!) just mined a block worth 6.25 #Bitcoin.

The odds of this happening are 1 in 6,000 🤯
Bitcoin Magazine
BREAKING 💥 Mortgage lender Milo to let #Bitcoin holders buy real estate with "no dollar down deposits."
Bitcoin Magazine
BREAKING 💥 Cash App confirms Lightning #Bitcoin payments for all US customers in "coming weeks"
It's The Return of the Jack
Bitcoin Magazine
The CEO of a Fortune 500 company is starting a fund to protect #Bitcoin from legal attacks.

Thank you @jack
When a bitcoin developer needs legal funding, Spirit @jack appears before them just like this with the hood and the lens flare and everything.
We’re officially building an open bitcoin mining system ✨
Bitcoin's Environmental Impact
Aubrey Strobel
Bitcoin’s impact on the environment has been a controversial topic.

I teamed up with @hello_bitcoin to explain the truth behind the electrification of money.
Dennis Porter
The House has a hearing on Energy usage from #Bitcoin mining.

I will be listening live to the hearing and then bringing on experts to breakdown and debrief the hearing with you afterwards.
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
The oldest renewable energy facility IN THE WORLD, was saved by #Bitcoin mining.

Built in 1897, National Grid recently wanted to dismantle the hydroelectric plant. Instead, they turned to the only thing that would keep it profitable, #Bitcoin 🌊♻️⚡️
Dan Held
Bitcoin consumes a minuscule fraction of the worlds energy.

h/t @C_Bendiksen
David Zell
The House is holding a hearing on PoW mining this Thursday. The Bitcoin Policy Institute is submitting this fact sheet to the House.

They're also submitting a longer statement, emphasizing the need to weigh #bitcoin's value to society in these conversations.
Joe Rogan's 5.24 BTC Stash
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
Joe Rogan holds 5.24 #Bitcoin in this address he has had since 2014.

Total value= +$234k
Snapshots from Bitcoin past
Bitcoin’s First TV Cameo 
Bitcoin Magazine
#Bitcoin was first referenced on TV when it was $3.

“It’s the future.”
Bitcoin Magazine
Since Bitcoin Sign Guy photobombed Janet Yellen, #bitcoin has risen 1,747%.
Financially Unsound Advice from Dave Ramsey
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
#Bitcoin people are stupid. You're gonna lose your money,
said the 🤡🤡🤡

#Bitcoin price was just $550 in 2014. It's now $43,000.
First Known #Bitcoin to USD Transaction: 5,050 BTC Sold For $5.02
Canadian Politician Did a Monologue from the Bitcoin Standard
Michael Saylor⚡️
“Money is a technology by which we transport value over time and space.” - @PierrePoilievre on #Bitcoin
Will Bitcoin take Turkey out of the fire?
🚨 Potentially promising 🚨

Pro #Bitcoin President @nayibbukele to meet with Turkey's President this Thursday!

What should he tell him?
Jay Gould
Latest interview with @100trillionUSD!
We discuss:
- Why 2021 #Bitcoin missed $100K
- What surprised Plan B most in 2021
- What worries Plan B in 2022
- Rising Interest Rates, Inflation
- Equity Risk Premium
- His Bitcoin & S2F Origin Stories
Robert ₿reedlove
"#Bitcoin Price Suppression with Plan B" is now live on The @WhatisMoneyShow !!

Join @100trillionUSD and I as we explore the mechanics of and incentives for potential Bitcoin price suppression schemes via derivatives markets.
Charting the Progress
Jameson Lopp
Bitcoiners know that there will always be fewer than 21,000,000 BTC. But do you take this claim for granted or do you truly understand how the limit is enforced? Take a stroll with me through the code in this deep dive.
Jurrien Timmer
A few days ago I made the case that 40k could be the new 30k for Bitcoin, based on the rising intrinsic value from my S-curve model. I just came across an indicator that further suggests this: Dormancy flow. It has reached the kind of oversold levels seen at past bottoms.🧵
Will Clemente
A tweet for long-term Bitcoin investors:

When you zoom out, Bitcoin user growth is up and to the right.
John Cantrell
You probably saw the news this week that two people have solo mined a Bitcoin block and earned 6.25 BTC worth over $250,000. You’re probably wondering

What is solo mining?
How much does it cost?
What are the odds?
Should you be mining?

Let me break it down for you 👇
What Bitcoiners Said
"It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on." – Satoshi on #Bitcoin 13 years ago today ✨
Dan Held
$64K: “Bitcoin is too expensive. I'll wait for a dip"

$43K: “Bitcoin is dead. I'll buy some later"

Every single cycle🤦‍♂️
Adam Simecka - Hands Free Bitcoin
The US military can't mine Bitcoin because none of the ASICs are made in the US.

*Intel has entered the chat*
Dennis Porter
Don’t tell me #Bitcoin is used for illicit activity when 90% of all dollars in circulation have traces of cocaine on them.
Laura Nori ⚡️⚛️
Living #Bitcoin only is possible? We just did it! 45 days traveling all over #ElSalvador spending only bitcoin. 🇸🇻

More than 10 cities, hotels, restaurants, breakfasts, cars, gas stations, SIM cards, coffee, drinks and more at our fingertips thanks to the #LightningNetwork ⚡️
Pomp 🌪
[NEW POST] Politicians Don't Want To Ban Bitcoin. They Want To Ban Central Bank Digital Currencies.

"The blind belief in the Federal Reserve is eroding quickly and the concerns of future infringements on financial privacy are getting louder."
The bitcoin whitepaper is shorter than a bank account’s sign-up terms and conditions documents
Obi Nwosu
#Bitcoin has made me more:

- careful with my time
- patient
- stoic
- minimalist
- healthy
- honest
- analytical
- grateful
- anti-consumerist
- thoughtful
- holistic
- detail-oriented
- globally-minded
- long-termist

Bitcoin evolves our minds as much as our money.
AriZonan HODL
I went to give money to my local church this morning and they started accepting #bitcoin in 2022.
Meme-ories don't leave like people do
Dennis Porter
The guy sitting next to me on the plane just told me he has a PhD in Economics. I asked him what he thought about #Bitcoin and he said “Its not interesting and will probably fail.”

Early AF.
Dennis Porter
A guy at the bar just said he’s been a banker for 30 years. I asked him his views on #Bitcoin . He said “It’s for criminals and can’t possibly succeed because governments will stop it.”

Damn, we’re so early.
meg “Alana” bitchell
Screaming and crying as a six year old trying to explain what bitcoin is to my parents mid-divorce
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