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HBD Bitcoin & Bitcoin Twitter, Bill Miller 1/2 way in, Bukele Schools Hanke, Bitcoin Dips, Fear Everywhere. Issue #12

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Bitcoin is now a Teenager and celebrated it with a sale on Sats, Hal Finney makes the first Bitcoin tweet 13 years ago, Investor Bill Miller has put 50% of his investment in Bitcoin, Steve hike gets roasted by Bukele over energy FUD, Fear-greed Index is low, a lot of threads and educational content, and of course, memes for your entertainment.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin
Happy genesis block day

Happy birthday #bitcoin

We are on a write path
When the price dips on Bitcoin's birthday, and you realize the network is giving you a present:
The Birth of Bitcoin Twitter
✨ The most iconic Bitcoin tweet of all-time turns 13.

Today, we are all running #Bitcoin
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
Hal Finney was a pioneer, cypherpunk, and the first to receive a #Bitcoin transaction, from Satoshi Nakamoto.

He gave us PGP encryption, reusable proof of work, and support for #Bitcoin early, when the project needed it the most. 🙏

Even the first-ever tweet about bitcoin. 👇
Bitcoin in the News
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
💥BREAKING: Spanish lawmaker has proposed a bill to make Spain a #Bitcoin mining hub following Kazakhstan internet shutdown.
Legendary investor Bill Miller explains why 50% of his net worth is bitcoin.
Lyn Alden
@ODELL Trying to wrap my head around the fact that Bill Miller has a half-Bitcoin and half-Amazon portfolio.
Bukele Schools Hanke on El Salvador's Energy Production
Steve Hanke
How much energy can you extract from the inactive Conchagua volcano? Where's the feasibility study? El Salvador already has an enormous energy deficit & imports 22% of its electricity use (@IEA). Without a feasibility study, no one knows how Bitcoin City will affect this deficit.
Nayib Bukele 🇸🇻
Ok, ID-10t, I’m going to school you again, not because it’s going to be of use for you, since you’re just getting paid to attack #Bitcoin and defend fiat, but because the people deserve to know you are a fraud.
Spencer Schiff
@nayibbukele When it comes to Bitcoin, Steve is way worse than my dad (and that’s saying A LOT)
The Best Plan to Kill Bitcoin
It just might work…
Akshat Shrivastava
Plan to kill Bitcoin:

1. Reduce debt.
2. Ensure that currencies do not lose value each year (this year, INR will lose ~4% value)
3. Simply stop printing money at a crazy rate.

If cash becomes a good 'store of value', people won't need to buy Bitcoin.

Can be done?
Bitcoin Fall in the Winter
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index
Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index is 10 - Extreme Fear
Current price: $42,290
☣️ Dissident Fudd ∞/21m
I meant to post it in a couple of years but I feel like you need to see it now. Human psychology never changes.
Rohan Smith🇯🇲@🇹🇹🧡₿
If you bought some land in Manhattan and 3 months later the price of land in New York fell, would you sell your land or would you try to buy more?
Bitcoin down but still performing better than Gold
Benjamin Cowen
#Bitcoin went up more yesterday (+0.35%) than #Gold has in the last 10 years (-0.25%).
A Wise Bitcoiner Once Said...
Most will fail to recognize true #Bitcoin scarcity until the 2024 halving.
Michael Saylor⚡️
The civilization that channels energy most effectively always wins. #Bitcoin
NgU Engineer 🤡🌎
we've normalized "bitcoin is dying" at 40k. just two years after it almost died at 4k. people are funny
Basic Mathematics

Your money
$ USD = ——————

Your money
#BTC = ——————

Share this with the masses
Documenting Bitcoin 📄
Satoshi Nakamoto programmed the last #bitcoin to be mined in 2140, meaning they intentionally created something they themselves would never get to see finished.

They planted a tree for the next generation knowing they’d never get to enjoy the shade of it, a true selfless act.
Dennis Porter
The US dollar is used for more illicit transactions in a single day than #Bitcoin is in an entire year.
Sylvain Saurel
#Bitcoin Works for You, While You Work for the U.S. Dollar.

This is a fundamental truth that you need to understand.
Hailey Lennon
I’m not in bitcoin for the money, I’m in it for the revolution
Raphael Schön
#Bitcoin is to central bankers what self-driving cars are to taxi drivers.
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
Goldman Sachs: #Bitcoin is a macro asset going through a social adoption phase.
Take Back Crypto
The Crypto Couple
However, "crypto" shouldn't be a dirty word. Rather, it's a teaching opportunity. We can use it for good, as a foot in the door like we’re trying to do, or we can let scammers own it. Intent matters.

We are Bitcoiners. We know it. You know it. That’s enough for us.
Bitcoin Gets a New Unit of Measurement
Tahinis Restaurants
The Tahinis Family just acquired a shitload of #bitcoin at an average price of $45k. We are back to the phase of ppl in our community calling us crazy & irresponsible.
Tip: this is the best time to buy
Started From the Bottom
The Lightning Network
John Cantrell
If you’ve spent any time researching Bitcoin then you’ve probably heard about the Lightning Network but…

Why does it exist?
What is it?
How does it help Bitcoin scale?

I’ve been working with it for years, let me help explain it in simple terms 👇
A Thread on Energy, Mining and Ecology
Brandon Quittem
1/ #Bitcoin changes the incentives around two foundational systems — money and energy.

Results in (1) universal digital property rights and (2) mastery over energy. Pillars of progress in the 21st century.

Let’s explore mining through an Ecology lens👇
Bitcoin’s conservatism is its most important feature.
Even though price is down Bitcoin is Up
Danny Scott ⚡
While #Bitcoin dips below $40,000

Let's take a look what happened in 2021 building the momentum and foundation for #Bitcoin to continue it's bullish run in 2022 🧵

▪️ El Salvador made #Bitcoin legal tender
▪️ #Bitcoin all time high $69,000
NGMI of the Week 🤡
What Does the Chart Say?
Willy Woo
On wealth inequality, given enough time, it's the trend that's important.

#Bitcoin is heading in the right direction.

#Fiat is heading for disaster.
Recently learnt that the no. of #Bitcoin being mined per block (Bitcoin block subsidy) is = % of total Bitcoin supply being mined during that specific halving. I couldn't find a diagram that explained this notion clearly so I made this. Hope that you guys find this useful 🙏
Preston Pysh
Be sure to check out my recent conversation with the thoughtful @nic__carter. We cover his opinions on global macro, the Web 3.0 vs VC debate, Tether being used as legal tender in Myanmar and much more. Let us know what you think.
What is the Memeing of Life?
Just realized last week when I meant to buy 15 dollars worth of Bitcoin I accidentally bought 15 bitcoin instead... Is there anyway to undo this?
Bitcoin will hit $100k in my lifetime or I’ll delete my account
Y'all come now y'hear
Thanks for reading till the end.
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