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Taproot Activated, Inflation and Bitcoin reaches all time highs, El Salvador has Bitcoin Week, It's Going Up Forever!

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Issue #7 sees Bitcoin shooting for heaven with a new all-time high.
Inflation was not to be outdone and the US government reports significant inflation this year.
A lot of Bitcoin activity and events happening in El Salvador this weekend. More amazing Bitcoin thoughts from amazing bitcoiners.
We will be in El Salvador this week, if you want to chat, shout us @btc_thoughts on Twitter and we will meet up.
Every week Bitcoin makes waves in the world. Every week we are re-orange-pilled every time we put this publication together. We hope this makes you as bullish as we are.
Stack Sats and HODL!
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Bitcoin Breaks New All-Time High
Pomp 🌪
BREAKING: Bitcoin just hit a new all-time high.
Pomp 🌪
Bitcoin addresses with a balance of more than 0.01 bitcoin has hit a new all-time high of 9,182,812.
Bitcoin is STILL going up Forever
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
#Bitcoin will end at $98K this month, at least, which is huge. Nobody believes it.
- Plan₿ @100trillionUSD
Will Clemente
Long-term holders buy BTC into weakness and sell into strength.

We've just gotten our first red prints on LTH net position change in over 6 months, showing bull market distribution has begun.
Bitcoin Magazine
The $1,200 stimulus check is now worth over $12,100 if put in #Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine
If you had bought $3 of #Bitcoin a day instead of coffee for the last six years you would now have $230,000.
What is Taproot Summarized
Bitcoin Magazine
By reducing the transaction size and making nearly any transaction appear like a simple, single-signature one, Taproot will enable larger, more complex operations to be deployed on #Bitcoin.
Tap that Root 👋🏾√ - Taproot ACTIVATED!
Pomp 🌪
The Taproot upgrade for Bitcoin has officially activated.

Congratulations and thank you to every developer, miner, and Bitcoiner who made this happen. ⚡️
Clark Moody
First Taproot block found 🌱🚀

Height: 709632
Hash: 0000000000000000000687bca986194dc2c1f949318629b44bb54ec0a94d8244

A new chapter of #Bitcoin has begun.
Prescription: Take 1 Orange Pill Daily
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
💥BREAKING: AMC movie theatres now officially accepting #Bitcoin online
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
Zimbabwe is considering making #Bitcoin a legal payment option. 😱🙌
US Inflation at All Time High
Cameron Winklevoss
We need to get as many ppl into bitcoin as possible before hyperinflation. This is a moral imperative, not an investment thesis.
Lost in Hyperbitcoinization. ∞/21M
This is your final warning. Adopt Bitcoin or be a slave.

Future US Comptroller of the Currency describes plans for monetary totalitarianism
El Salvador Will Host 100s of Bitcoiners this Week
Think Positive Bitcoin Thoughts💭💭💭💭
Bitcoin Magazine
"Every major bank, every major high net worth firm is gonna eventually have some exposure to #Bitcoin" — Billionaire Bill Miller
Bitcoin Magazine
#Bitcoin is reliable, consistent, honest and 100% certain. — Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones
Tne NGMI Club
Adam Back
#bitcoin is lowering the barrier to entry for Swiss🇨🇭 private banking from $1mil minimums to permissionless via smartphone app. cf best #Bitcoin advertisement ever "Then everbody's walking around with a Swiss bank account in their pocket. Alright" -Obama.
Bitcoin Archive 🗄🚀🌔
#Bitcoin is really laughable as a serious alternative payment method. It’s too slow, too expensive."
- Chris Flowers, founder of private equity firm J.C. Flowers,
So Many Memes, So Little Time
Camila Campton ⚡️
Bitcoin at $69,420 will the most iconic price ever.

6 + 9 + 4 + 2 + 0 = 21

Pomp 🌪
The internet breaks when we hit $69,420 bitcoin price.
How to Taproot
Unlike Bitcoin, We Aren't Going on Forever
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